Recommendations on Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine With The $100 Million Best Practices Of

Recommendations from domain experts (curated by Highlyreco)

David Cancel's Review:

The sales classic from Aaron Ross — doesn’t just apply if you’re in sales. This is another must read if you’re in SaaS.


Andrew Chen's Review:

 Ex-Salesforce sales head breaks down how they sold to B2B. Lots of great details on how to organize sales teams, generate leads, incentive compensation, etc.


Steve Blank's Review:

Lean Analytics is a great discussion about metrics that matter for web/mobile startups. Predictable Revenue is one of those short, smart, tactical books that you need to read if you have a direct sales force.


Danielle Morrill's Review:

Predictable Revenue is quite the gem! In it, you’ll learn to story behind how built an outbound sales process that helped them nearly double their growth in a few short years—$100 million in recurringrevenue. If you want to figure out what it takes to generate a strong pipeline of highly qualified leads to build out predictable revenue streams for your company (basically, every B2B startup), scoop this book up now.

You will learn how to do things like: build an outbound sales process that doesn’t require a huge marketing budget or cold calling; build a top-notch, self-managing sales team; and avoid big mistakes other CEOs and sales executives have made over and over again. If you seriously implement the advice in this book, you’ll be hard-pressed not to see a positive shift in your business. And that’s pretty damn worth a quick 53-page read, isn’t it?