Blue Ocean Strategy
by W. Chan Kim
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Steve Blank's Review:

Blue Ocean Strategy is a great way to look at what I’ve called “market type.”


Danielle Morrill's Review:

This book is consistently one of the top book recommendations made by some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors around. While more of a popular read in the overarching business world (more than 3.5 million copies have been sold to date), it flies a little under the mainstream radar in the early-stage startup scene. But, if you want to be a sound strategic founder, Blue Ocean Strategy is a necessity.

The core premise of the book is that lasting success comes from creating what the authors call “blue oceans”—untapped new markets that are ripe for growth—rather than focusing on battling competitors. Essentially, this book will force you to completely rethink your business strategy (in the best possible way). The result? Learn what it takes to blow your competitors out of the water and build a business in an uncontested market space. Someone get the floaties!