Crossing the Chasm
by Geoffrey A. Moore
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Guy Kawasaki's Review:

I learned the hard way about chasms while working for Apple. The early adopters are easy–“main street” is hard. Entrepreneurs should read this book when they are cranking out their “conservative” sales projections.


Joel Spolsky's Review:

The management training program we're starting up here at Fog Creek will take about three years and will be relatively intensive. Among other things, there will be a required reading list consisting of about 75 books (we're working on the theory here of one book every two weeks). We're trying to collect a combination of

  • the best business books of all time
  • the best software management books of all time
  • and every worthwhile history of a software/computer company that we can find.

This is my very first-draft list. By the time we get started a lot of these books will be replaced with better books, I hope; if you have any suggestions please feel free to email them to me. 


Ron Conway's Review:

Bestselling guide that created a new game plan for marketing in high-tech industries.


Steve Blank's Review:

Crossing the Chasm made me understand that there are repeatable patterns in early stage companies. It started my search for the repeatable set of patterns that preceded the chasm


Marc Andreessen's Review:

In tech, the term vertical is to distinguish "focused on a particular industry" vs horizontal which is "cuts across all industries".Generally tech vertical products and sales efforts are quite different than horizontal products and sales efforts.


Danielle Morrill's Review:

You know that oh-so-popularRodgers’ bell curve about customer adoption rates? We’ve all seen it…but how do weactually use it to help us shape our business strategy? InCrossing the Chasm, you’ll learn about the actual characteristics of each kind of customer—from “innovator” to “laggard”—and better understand how to choose and acquire your target market.

The author, Geoffrey Moore, talks about the importance of maintaining momentum to get the next group along the curve to want to buy into your product/service, navigating the challenges of moving across the customer adoption “chasm,” and ultimately growing a business that scales. A classic read.