Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...And Others Don't
by Jim Collins
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Max Levchin's Review:

What’s your favorite business book you’d recommend to young entrepreneurs and why?

Some good ones from the “pure business” category: Zero to One, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, The Innovator’s Dilemma, Good to Great, etc. 


Steve Blank's Review:

.If you are in a large company and wondering why your company isn’t going anywhere your answers might be found in Good to Great.  Written by Jim Collins, the same author who wrote Built to Last, both are books that “you should be so lucky” to read.  What differentiates good companies versus great?  How do you institutionalize core values into a company that enable it to create value when the current management is long gone?  When I first read these, I thought they were only for companies that were lucky enough to get big.  Upon reflection, these books were the inspiration for the “Mission-Oriented Culture.”  Read these two books together.


Jeff Bezos's Review:

Collins briefed Amazon executives on his seminal management book before its publication. Companies must confront the brutal facts of their business, find out what they are uniquely good at, and master their fly wheel, in which each part of the business reinforces and accelerates the other parts.