Designing Web Usability
by Jakob Nielsen
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Joel Spolsky's Review:

I know, I know, poor Jakob gets a bad rap for his bizarre pronouncements like "ClearType ... can save users $2,000 per year" and "Micropayments are the answer." Um, right. Still, among all the silly math, Nielsen comes up with a stunning number of exactly right notions that you just need to know. If you're doing any kind of web design, you need to know the principles in this book. If you're doing non-web design, think of this is an excellent case study in usability engineering.


Jeff Atwood's Review:

Jakob Neilsen is well known for his usability site, and his career as a usability expert extends back to 1989 when his first book was published. Designing Web Usability is of course a full-on web usability primer, so it's a bit different than the GUI-oriented Cooper books.